Historic Local Motel in Mellen, WI

Covid-19 Update

We are following all of the Covid-19 recommendations from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection of Wisconsin. Read more to learn how we keep you safe.
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Guaranteed Quality

Located in Mellen, WI, The Mellen Motel, LLC is the only motel within 17 miles of our area. A family-owned business, our motel was built all the way back in 1959, a time when we were a staple in the community. We’ve undergone some big changes recently, but we’re excited to be back and better than ever!

Back Under New Ownership

Originally owned by the Padjen family, The Mellen Motel was recently purchased by Molly McClaire Brunner. After a long journey with incredible renovations, we’re excited to be as of summer of 2020. The entire building has been redone inside and out to ensure the latest features and amenities will be available to our guests. With a new roof, heating and air conditioning units in each room, and beautifully decorated interiors, our motel will be safe and comfortable no matter how long your stay might be.

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Conveniently Located

We’re located just 25 miles away from Lake Superior and only FIVE miles from Copper State Park. Our location makes us a convenient option when traveling through Mellen to head up to or back home from the lakes. We make a fantastic central location for any visits in the northland of Wisconsin. The beautiful state park nearby gives you and your family options for recreational trails and other activities to fully enjoy your stay.

Stay With Us

Stay with us at The Mellen Motel and enjoy the best motel rooms in town. Don’t fall prey to expensive chain hotels when you could stay right here in a historic, local motel. Be sure to ask about possible discounts for veterans and active military members. Give us a call!

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